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    VELCRO Hook & Loop Tape - Pre-mated Roll

    For rapid assembly of displays and signage, Popco offers pre-mated VELCRO® hook-and-loop squares on the roll, kiss-cut in two lengths. Adhesive backed, with a removable liner, pre-mated VELCRO® squares are a popular product for a wide variety of point-of-purchase applications.
    SKU: VELCRO Hook & Loop Tape - Pre-mated Roll
    i h
    • 3/4” or 1” squares
    • hook-and-loop pieces are pre-mated, each side with an adhesive back
    • the hook side is backed on the roll’s continuous liner
    • the loop side has individual segments of kiss-cut liner
    • available in white
    • sold by the roll
    • 3/4” squares are on rolls of 1175 pieces
    • 1” squares are on rolls of 890 pieces
    • other sizes are available as custom orders
    uses & features
    • use for rapid assembly of displays and signage
    • use to mount signs to a wide variety of surfaces
    • use for very strong, yet removable sign holding
    • high-tack, permanent, rubber-based adhesive adheres quickly for immediate use
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