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    Suction Cup with Wire Hook

    Popco's premium suction cup with wire hook, features a "mushroom-head" cap and a an attached wire hook. The hook is affixed between the 'mushroom head" cap and the stem and provides a hanging point for signs, banners or light weight, non-fragile, product.
    SKU: Suction Cup with Wire Hook
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    Must be ordered in multiples of 100
    • SCH-177: 1-3/4” diameter suction cup base
    • SCH-240: 2.4” diameter suction cup base
    • .57” diameter cap atop a .38” stem
    • with a galvanized steel hook
    • made from UV resistant PVC
    • sold in batches of 100
    • priced per batch
    • pre-bagged in batches of 100
    uses & features
    • adhere to smooth, hard surfaces and hang signs from the attached hook
    • suction cups are RoHS compliant (a European Standard) and contain no heavy metals, click for details
    • wholly made in North America - USMCA compliant
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