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    Standard Banner Clip

    Banner clips provide a hanging point when used with a number of Popco's poster hanging rails. Banner clips slide into the top groove of a poster hanging rail and are easily positioned along the length of the rail.
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    i h
    • .80” high x .60” wide
    • BRC-2 series clips are made of durable polycarbonate in black or clear
    • priced and sold individually
    • bulk packed
    uses & features
    • create a hanging point for EZ snap rail, snap rail, NX snap rail and banner rail
    • the clip’s t-shaped base corresponds with the poster rails t-shaped groove
    • the clips slide horizontally in the rail’s groove for easy positioning and hanging flexibility
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    The NX series poster hanging rails are extra-rigid lengthwise, making them ideal for long graphics. The oval profile and the use of end caps gives the NX SNAPRAIL a highly finished look; similar to the aluminum snap rails, yet more economically priced.

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