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    Banner Flag Pole Kit

    Mount flags and banners in multiple positions with our Banner Flag Pole Kit. Made from outdoor-grade PVC, this product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. This kit includes a baseplate with tape, a pole-mount boot, and split-tube pole and endcap, and is available in black or white.

    UPC Datarail

    Popco's high quality, locally made UPC datarails adhere to shelving with peel-and-stick permanent foam tape and create a channel for inserting UPC price strips. A tall front face protects the inserted strip and a UPC code can be scanned through clear face.
    01_2_universal bannerClip.jpg

    Universal Banner Clip

    Popco's new universal banner clip was created specifically to serve the new SR2 poster spine. This banner clip fits into the top groove of the SR2 poster spine and creates a hanging point. It slides easily along the length of the spine for repositioning, and it also works with the SPR, SPZ and NX series SNAPRAIL

    Hinged Metal Foam-board hanger

    Create hanging points on your foam board displays without drilling or the use of grommets. This "dog tooth" style hanger can be affixed to foam board by hand. The hinged hanging point folds down for shipping, and easily flips up to hang your display.
    03c5_h-channel panel former_01.jpg

    H-Channel Panel Former

    Popco's new H-channel Panel Former is another addition to our new family of panel formers, featuring the flexible gripping fins that make this new part able to accommodate a wider range of material. The FDHC-250 features a grip capacity of .1875" to .250", and the FDHC-125 is able to grip stock from .125" to .1875" thick.
    07_ xmc 6.jpg

    X-mas Tree Clip - Series 6

    Popco's new series 6 x-mas tree clips compliment our other varieties of x-mas tree clips with a variation on head size and binding capacity. The series 6 clips feature a head size of .46" and a binding capacity from .10" to .60". The series 6 fits 3/16" diameter holes.