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    Metal Squeeze Clip with String

    Metal squeeze-clips with string are used to hang light weight signs from ceiling grids. Six feet of white string extends from the clip and a barbed end connects to your sign.
    SKU: Metal Squeeze Clip with String
    i h
    Must be ordered in multiples of 100
    • 3-1/4” high x 1-1/4” wide, light-weight zinc-finish steel
    • six feet of white polyester string
    • metal-barbed end opposite the hook
    • sold in batches of 100
    • priced per batch
    • bulk packed
    uses & features
    • sign height is easily adjusted; simple unwind desired length
    • squeeze the clip open to clear either side of a ceiling grid, then release to close and grip the grid
    • the barbed end slips easily into a pre-drilled or punched hole on your sign, then turns 90º to hold the sign in place
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