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    Hang, stick and stand out with Popco

    Popco literature box with magnet image 1

    Popco offers all sorts of off-the-shelf parts that make display pieces hang, stick and stand out. However, sometimes a combination of parts is required to achieve a desired result, and it’s projects like these on which Popco can really shine.

    Popco literature box with magnet image 2

    Recently, a customer came to us seeking a literature box that could mount to metal surfaces. Using tape was not an option. Neither was any sort of screw arrangement since the metal surface could not be damaged. The obvious solution was a magnetic mount and, under normal circumstances, this would be a simple combination of Popco parts –  resulting in the magnetized box shown above.

    Popco literature box with magnet image 3

    The challenge on this project was a very tight deadline. Thankfully, Popco is more rabbit than tortoise when it comes to sourcing parts and labor and drawing on our own inventory to create a custom product. And so it was that with jack-rabbit speed, we were able to create the item that our customer needed.

    Simple? Yes. Effective? Definitely. Done in record time? You betcha, as we say in Minnesota.