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    Fulfillment and Kitting

    In addition to stock parts, Popco also offers custom orders. For custom orders, we modify our existing products to your speifications. Examples of custom orders are:

    • SNAPRAIL™ cut to your specified lengths
    • sign channel and sign feet cut to your specified lengths
    • application of tape or magnet to the base of sign channel or sign feet
    • kitting and boxing product as specified

    Custom orders cannot be placed online. Instead, contact Popco to discuss cost and lead time of your order.




    Popco can also kit your project. Kitting options include:

    • bagging product to your specifications
    • pre-insertion of banner clips into our SNAPRAIL™
    • sub-bagging, boxing and labeling to your specifications
    • boxing product for shipments to multiple locations

    Extra cost and lead time applies to kitted projects. Contact Popco to discuss your project and initiate a quote.



    Popco can also coat many of our silver-colored metal products, changing their color. This is most often done with our wire hooks and steel snap rings and the new color is typically black. Minimum order requirements apply and additional lead time is necessary. Contact Popco for more information.