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    Aluminum SNAPRAIL

    Popco's original snap rail, inserted into a beautiful aluminum shroud, results is a poster hanging system that can suspend large signs, grip a wide variety of materials and provide a highly finished look for up-scale signage projects.
    SKU: Aluminum SNAPRAIL
    i h
    • 1” high x .88” wide
    • stock lengths: 22", 24", 36" and 48"
    • black end-caps measure 1” high x .9” wide
    • kits are priced and sold individually
    • each aluminum snap kit includes one clear PVC snap rail, one aluminum shroud and two black end caps
    • banner clips, which provide a hanging point, are sold separately
    • custom cutting is available for small and medium sized orders 
    uses & features
    • for a wide variety of sign stocks up to .070 thick
    • for durable, long-term signage – holds up to multiple sign changes
    • the aluminum shroud’s internal track corresponds with, and slides over, the snap rail
    • the black end caps cover the internal snap rail’s ends
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