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    SC-70 Series Sign Channels

    The SC-70/71/72/73 series of sign channels holds material up to .070" thick and mounts securely to vertical surfaces with permanent, peel-and-stick foam tape or high-tack acrylic film tape.
    SKU: SC-70 Series Sign Channels
    i h
    • stock lengths: 48”
    • 5/8” mounting base x 3/8” front sign-grip lip
    • available in black, clear or white PVC
    • SC-70 is clear with white foam tape
    • SC-71 is clear with TESA high-tack acrylic film tape
    • SC-72 is white with white foam tape
    • SC-73 is black with black foam tape
    • priced and sold individually
    • bulk packed
    • custom cutting is available for small and medium sized orders
    • custom runs, to specified lengths, are available for large orders
    uses & features
    • mount signs in the channel and easily slide horizontally for positioning or sign changing
    • use the channel at the top and bottom of your sign to keep signs from bowing or dropping out
    • a fully open “J” channel makes it easy to insert and reposition stock
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    U-Loop Sign Hangers

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    Popco's patented poster hanging rail features a quick-change, bottom-feed feature for simple sign changing. SNAPRAIL is ideal for suspending large signs and for gripping a wide variety of materials.