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    Popco’s SNAPRAILS™ really stack up

    Stacked SNAPRAIL

    What you’re seeing in the photo above are the ends of our SNAPRAIL™ poster hanging rails. Typically, SNAPRAILS™ are used at the top of a poster, to grip poster stock and create hanging points, and at the bottom of a poster to add weight and stiffness so that the poster doesn't bow or curl. There is however another, little known, configuration that allows for stacking posters one above another. To use the SNAPRAILS™ in this way, you first create a center spine with the opening of one SNAPRAIL™ facing up and the other facing down.

    Stacked SNAPRAIL_02

    Opposite the opening on the SNAPRAIL™ is a small T-shaped track. It is into this track that our banner clips slide and create hanging points. You can also use the T-shaped track to slide together and interlock two SNAPRAILS™

    Stacked SNAPRAIL_03

    Shown above are two SNAPRAILS™ interlocked using the T-track. The SNAPRAILS™ are flexed open showing how one rail functions as the bottom grip on a poster and the other rail will grip the top of a second poster. This arrangement is what we call a center spine.

    Stacked SNAPRAIL_04

    Add to the center spine two more SNAPRAILS™, one for the top of the poster group, and another for the bottom, and you’re in business. You can now hang more than one poster in a vertical row. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to poster swap-outs. Conceivably, with this approach, a top poster could announce a store section (produce, say), and the bottom poster could then serve as a call-out for specials. Use your design imagination, we think you’ll come up with plenty of ideas for using stacked SNAPRAILS™.

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